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Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale

logo polimiThe Technical University "Politecnico di Milano" (POLIMI) is the largest Engineering School in Italy. About 2000 students attend the Department of Aerospace Science and Technologies (DAER) courses. Every year it masters roughly a third of all the Italian aerospace engineers of the first and second level. A number of Ph.D. students graduate too. It has a global research and teaching staff of 12 Full Professors, 13 Associate Professors, 21 Assistant Professor, plus 25 people as technicians or administrative personnel.
DAER is equipped with different specialised laboratories for structural tests (buckling, fatigue, dynamics, ground vibration testing and control), crash tests and aerodynamic wind tunnel experimentation. The computational resources, based on computational labs both inside and outside the Department, offer the state-of-the-art capabilities in terms of hardware and software, concerning structural analysis, fluid dynamics and dynamics simulations. The research activity can be divided into five main branches, i.e. Structures, Aerodynamics, Engines, Systems and Space. The Structures branch is very active, among several other topics, in the study of the rotary wing, composite materials, fatigue and damage mechanism, aeroelasticity, dynamics and crash problems, relevant for aircraft, as well as for helicopters, cars, trucks and train, multidisciplinary design optimization techniques.
A vast experience in the field of structural dynamics and aeroservoelasticity has been acquired through a wide range of basic and applied researches, in co-operation with Italian and international industries and research institutions, concerning several theoretic and experimental disciplines. The Department of Aerospace Science and Technologies has been involved in many EC funded projects.

Kite Solutions

logo kite solutionsKITE Solutions s.n.c. is a Small and Medium Enterprise(SME), established in 2003, with the objective of studying, developing and implementing safety and risk assessments in complex plants and industrial contexts with high automation, paying particular attention to Human Factors. KITE Solutions is able to design, commercialise and implement technological and software based solutions in domains with advanced automation and safety critical human machine interfaces.




Nayak Aircraft Services Italy

logo kite solutionsThe focus is on customers and their needs. What may sound like a trite phrase is daily business at Nayak. The portfolio of offerings is growing steadily. In addition to the business focus on Line Maintenance, we now offer a portfolio of services that is unique in Europe: engine workshop, avionics, calibration, nondestructive testing, and component refurbishing, as well as development and training. However, what makes us special is not the breadth of the offerings, but the manner in which we offer these services to customers. The location-independent flexibility of offering all services at just the right time, and where customers need them, makes Nayak an important partner of the airlines; ensuring short idle times and effective handling. Wherever the capacities of the airline’s own technical units are insufficient, or an internal offering is not practical, Nayak is on hand as a partner with qualified personnel. An offering that is used more each day in light of rising passenger volumes and tighter flight plans.


logo kite solutionsSESM is a research and precompetitive development centre of Finmeccanica companies (SELEX Sistemi Integrati and Galileo Avionica). It operates in the fields of defense, air traffic management and logistics of complex machineries. The performed activities are about the industrial research, precompetitive development and human resources training for the associated companies.

An important asset is the promotion and management of research projects co-funded by European Committee, by the MUR (University and Research Minister) and by the Italian Regions (local government). Some interest has always been devoted to the development of prototype solutions for aerial transport (control fleets, systems management of emergencies, optimal allocation of resources, simulators, supervision systems, electronic technical documentation). Besides, in the last years, SESM is actively involved in projects financed by the European Committee and by the MUR concerning safety, security and Open Source Software development


logo avionordAvionord is an airline company founded in 1989 by the Lombardy Region, Avionord has been part of the Ferrovie Nord Milano Group for 18 years and is now part of NGC Medical S.p.A. a leading company in the development and production of medical-surgical devices, as well as the design and realization of operating blocks and intensive care units.

Avionord operates in the areas of medical emergency, executive flights, aerial environmental monitoring and aviation consulting.


logo neos Neos was started in June 2001, with the mission of offering a high-quality air transport activity for both ground and in-flight services.

The first Neos flight took off heading for Senegal in March 2002, while scheduled service started in October 2002 on the Italy-Capo Verde route, followed in August 2003 by the Italy-Canary Island route and in the summer of 2004 by several routes with Mediterranean destiations. In December 2004 Neos started also long-range flights.

Neos also provides technical maintenance services for other carriers, and training services for pilots an flight assitants.


logo neosEUROAVIA srl is a Maintenance Service Center based on Reggio Emilia Airport. Active since 1994 on maintenance and technical management of airplanes and helicopters, Euroavia hold the EASA / ENAC Certificate of Approval n.145.IT.0098 as Part 145 Maintenance Organisation and the n. IT.MG.1047 as Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation. The core business is maintenance and technical management of Agusta and Bell Textron helicopter products as A109 series (Allison and Pratt & Whitney engine equipped), AB206 and AB412 up to top overhaul. Euroavia is also a recognized Agusta Service station and hold the Certificate n. 439 as approved maintenance facility by the Italian Air Force


modutech Modutech S.r.l. is a R&D company in the field of computational and experimental thermo-fluid dynamics. Modutech's know-how is particularly present in the analisys of fluid-dynamic processes in industrial and civil heating and cooling, in high efficiency temperature control in chemical plants, in non-osmotic desalination plants, in low enthalpy Geothermal engineering and in developing "ZERO-Emission" integrated systems using renewable processes. Integration in these processes has been used in the "Terraforming" project, the creation in a desertic area of a zero emission garden starting from pure sand and seawater to allow the growth of 45.000 square meters garden in the Arabic desert.